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瑞典品牌Furninova Group , 1992年由創辦人Benny Nilsson創立於瑞典南部Holsbybrunn
為專業生產沙發及傢俱的公司,集團有專業設計師團隊,與丹麥及瑞典新銳設計師合作,品牌系列分支為FURNINOVA 、S.O.U.L Collection、CONFORM、AFFARI、BRAFAB等不同風格設計的產品,以滿足不同客戶需求。每年從波蘭出口訂製款沙發、單椅及傢俱至全球約250,000客戶手上,集團忠旨是希望提供全球消費者兼具設計風格,以及合理價格的高品質歐洲進口沙發傢俱。

羅奇尼企業有限公司遵循Furninova Group集團忠旨,取得台灣地區的品牌代理權,提供客戶合理價格的高品質歐洲原廠進口沙發、傢俱及服務.讓您在台灣也可以感受歐洲原廠沙發的頂級舒適度、高品質的皮革觸感、環保優質布料以及家具經典設計,為住宅空間增添許多搭配

Furninova is a company in constant development. Our goal is to always provide our resellers and end-users that little extra and unexpected that makes our upholstered furniture the best place in the home.
It has become a lifestyle and the most interesting thing about furninture is that it attracts so many different people. Everyone has some kind of interest in furniture. 
– from Benny Nilsson(CEO Furninova)
We work with the full concept of interior design, including furniture, rugs, lamps and decorations. We finish entire rooms in different styles with the aspiration to inspire our customers.
– from Sara Nilsson(CEO S.O.U.L Collection)

We develop, design and manufacture armchairs, crafted by hand, for timeless contemporary settings in homes and public places. An armchair from Conform is not only comfortable, it combines function and beauty for a long-term commitment – Design for Life.
– from Marcus Larsson CEO CONFORM
Woodpoint stands for good design, reasonable prices and strong quality. It might sound like a bit of a cliché, but that doesn’t make it less true.
– from Ulf Johansson(CEO Woodpoint Collection)



Conform - Timeout

Full Synchro Backup Tech.


Jahn Aamodt

Designer, Norway.

–Design should satisfy the desires of the user, the company and the society.
Design should have personality and character to long lasting use.”




•包裝材料使用Grüner Punkt (德國綠點認證)認證產品