Furninova 在我們的歐洲工廠擁有數十年的沙發設計和製造經驗。我們堅信這是保證我們對自己的要求以及我們希望客戶享受的高品質和工藝的唯一途徑。

    最重要的是,當您選擇 Furninova 沙發時,我們擁抱您的個性。從我們種類繁多的面料和皮革中挑選您的個人最愛。有了我們,您可以靈活地設計或選擇幾乎任何尺寸和形狀的沙發——一款完全適合您個人生活方式的沙發。我們相信,好的家具應該是您家庭和日常生活的一部分:您的個性和非常個性化的要求的延伸。本質上,它應該是你的一部分。

    自 30 年前我們的故事開始以來,我們的目標就是以實惠的價格提供現代個性化家具。今天我們很高興能夠說我們已經成功了。北歐地區是我們的國內市場,我們在全球設有銷售辦事處。每年,大約有 250,000 個客戶獨特的沙發和扶手椅離開我們的工廠。


    One of Scandinavia’s leading producers.

    We are one of Scandinavia’s leading producers and at our heart lies our Scandinavian design. To us, it is more than just a look; it is also a strong commitment to delivering long-lasting pieces of furniture – while minimizing waste, still keeping the air and water we all share safe and clean for future generations.

    Furninova has decades of experience in designing and building sofas at our European factory. We truly believe that this is the only way to guarantee the high quality and craftsmanship that we require of ourselves and that we wish our customers to enjoy.

    Custom made sofas

    Above all, when you choose a sofa from Furninova, we embrace your individuality. Pick your personal favourite from our extensive range of fabrics and leathers. With us, you can embrace the flexibility to design or choose a sofa of almost any size and shape – a sofa to fully suit your personal lifestyle. We believe that good furniture should be a part of your home and everyday life: an extension of your personality and very individual requirements. In essence, it should be a piece of you.

    As a company

    Since our story began 30 years ago, our ambition has been to offer modern personalized furniture at an affordable price. Today we are glad to be able to say we have succeeded. The Nordic region is our domestic market, and we have sales offices around the world. Each year, approximately 250,000 customer unique sofas and armchairs leave our factory.

    As an international company, we appear at the major furniture fairs. They serve as important meeting places where we build relationships with new and established customers. Therefore, our goal is always to provide our resellers and end-users with that little extra and unexpected that makes our upholstered furniture the best place in your home.

    Continue reading about our work to reduce our environmental impact in our Sustainability Report 2020.